• How To Donate Robux On Roblox

    Roblox is no stranger to crazy gamers. The platform offers unlimited fun to those who love to run this world on tap of their fingers, but there are few constraints to it.

    Roblox facilitates some transactions through its customized currency Robux to allow users to benefit from its products and services.

    While, beginners do get some stipend in the form of Robux, they still need some currency for multiple reasons, particularly those who are enthusiastic about continuing playing games.

    Those who want to help their new friend can donate them some Robux. And, for this, all they need to know is how to donate Robux with/without BC.

    Simple Ways of Donating Robux

    There are three simple ways of doing this.

    Donating to Friends with BC Membership

    Giving Robux to friends who are already a member of Builder club is a bit easy task. Just ask your friends to sell a T-shirt and such stuff, but what they sell and let them take the 70% profit from the transaction which is in the form of Robux. Remember that there is no direct way of doing so.

    Donating to a Friend with No BC

    Giving to a friend with No BC membership is a more difficult task. It involves a third party in the process. Here you need to ask a group admin to add your friend; then you have to sell a T-Shirt or other such commodity and ask the group admin to transfer these proceeds in the account of your friend. Well, the process might involve some hassle, but it works at the end,

    A third way of donating Robux can be to sell a gaming pass which can be tricky as you don’t get to keep most of the money from transactions with you. Every simple method does involve some purchase.

    How to Donate Robux on Roblox

    There is no direct way to give Robux to your friend. But you can “donate” him or her.

    Ask your friend to create a T-shirt or other clothing. In Robloxian’s lingo, this is known as a Donation T-shirt. Your friend can sell that T-shirt to you for Robux. Thus letting you know How to Give People Robux. Cool right?

    Here is how you do it:

    To create a clothing, a person has to have a Builders Club membership. Please review the “Roblox Builders Club” guide once again. Also, see the screenshot which has “Sell stuff” privilege mentioned at the second position in the list.

    Make sure, the receiver is subscribed to the Builders Club Membership and has a pre-created T-shirt or some other clothing item ready for sale. Ask your receiver to upload the “donation item” to the catalogue and mention the price.

    1. Go to http://www.roblox.com. Log into your account. Navigate to “Catalog”.
    2. Search for the Donation item by entering its name. Look for the name of the creator.
    3. Buy the item usually.
    4. Methods for Non-Builders Club members

    All of the ways mentioned above include this prerequisite:

    “Builders Club Membership”

    But, what happens when this condition is not fulfilled?

    Will we not get to help our friends?

    Well, the good news is you can still help your friend by giving him or her the Robux.

    The straightforward ways are:

    Method 1

    Own a group. Try to collect an amount of Robux for your group funds. Make the friend, who you want to donate Robux to, join the group and “payout” the group funds. Thus, this will tell you How to Give People Robux.

    A major question arises here is: We need Builders Club Membership to create a group. Then, how can I own a group without having the Builders Club Membership subscription?

    Answer: There is an exception! If you are highly ranked on Roblox, you can give Robux to your peers with group payout.

    Method 2

    This method to know How to Give People Robux is similar to trading.

    Again, trading requires Builders Club Membership! But, recollect the fact that without having this exclusive membership, just by being a regular player, you can buy game-passes in the game.

    Now, our assumption here is that the receiver (owner, in this case) also is not a member of Builders Club. Then, he will receive 10% of the money you paid for that item.

    Method 3

    Get a middleman who has both Builders Club membership and a group. Ask the receiver to join the middleman’s group.

    Buy the group items. By this way, your payment will be directed to group funds and later, ask the group owner to donate the Robux from group funds to the receiver.

    Points to Remember

    The one thing that we always need to keep in mind to know How to Give People Robux, is everything including the trade that’s happening on Roblox is virtual, except for the moment when you are earning money using DevEx program.

    Since Roblox is a world where anybody can talk to literally anybody across the globe, you have no idea whom you are conversing with behind the Avatar.

    So, make sure you follow these safety instructions:

    Try to avoid trading with a stranger if you find yourself being skeptical about him even if just for a second.

    Remember, everything comes with its own cost and nothing is free. Be rational and do not be lured if an unknown person approaches you to donate a share of his or her Robux to you.

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